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Hiring one of our employees to work on your site and under your direction. There can also be significant cost savings to you as you only employ resources as you need them. It’s ideal for large projects or seasonal work. Our labour hire services incorporate the following:

Sourcing & Selecting the right staff

We take extraordinary care to ensure that the labour hire staff we supply meet our clients’ requirements:
  • Gaining a full understanding of your labour requirements. This will usually involve a meeting at your company to gain an insight into the site, the company, the culture and the role/s.
  • Sourcing via our talent pool of labour hire employees who have worked for us in the past and going to the market to top this pool up with new employees via advertising.
  • One-on-one interviews with a highly experienced consultant – all of our consultants have a minimum of 5 years experience in recruiting in the labour hire sector. These interviews focus on competency and skill fit with the role and cultural fit with your organisation.
  • Testing. We regularly conduct the following tests to assess candidates’ skills, depending upon the requirements of the position: Understanding work instructions
    • Mechanical reasoning
    • Numerical
    • Manual dexterity
    • Speed and accuracy with words and numbers
  • Reference Checks. Wherever possible, we conduct two work reference checks with managers of the employee over the past five years.


  • Our labour hire employees undertake an induction with us prior to going onto your site. In all cases we cover WHS, Harassment and Bullying in the workplace. Where applicable and required we can also run customised safety inductions and manufacturing practices for various industries.
  • For some of our customers, we conduct on-site inductions for our labour hire employees where applicable and required.

Ongoing administration management
Although they’re working on your site and under your direction, the labour hire staff are our employees and we take care of all the administration associated with their employment including:

  • Employment contracts.
  • Award interpretation. We have a lot of expertise in this complex area. We take on the responsibility to ensure the labour hire employee is being paid at the right level and under the most relevant award.
  • Payment of wages, PAYG tax, payroll tax, WorkCover and superannuation.
  • Group certificates and separation certificates.
  • All hiring and termination of labour hire assignments.

Other services

We simply ask you to verify the hours worked each week by each employee and we invoice you at an agreed hourly charge rate.

Connect Jobs customises our solutions for just about every one of our customers. The other outsourced services we provide include:

  • Rostering.
  • On-site management of our employees.
  • Permanent recruitment.

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